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Natural Henna



Keep It On!

Avoid smudges by letting your henna dry completely. Keep it on for 4-12 hours. If you want to sleep with it on, make sure to loosely wrap the henna with toilet paper, elastic wrap, saniderm, or mefix tape. Saran wrap is not recommended because any sweating may cause your stain to smudge. Warm skin stains faster and darker.

Take It Off!

Brush the paste off with your fingers. Use any natural oil (olive oil, coconut, shea butter, etc.) to soften and scrape off any stubborn spots. DO NOT WASH YOUR HENNA OFF WITH WATER!

Keep It Dry!

Avoid getting your skin wet for at least 24 hours. Exfoliating will fade the stain more quickly. Swimming, hot tubs, baths, etc. during the first 24 hours will significantly decrease staining.

Additional Notes

Your design will be light at first and then slowly darken over the next 2-3 days. You can protect your stain and keep it looking great by using any natural oil as moisturizer before getting your henna wet. The oils will create a protective barrier around the design that will prevent it from washing away as quickly. The average henna design lasts from 5-14 days.